List of products by brand La Calabrese

The line of high quality handcrafted greetings "La Calabrese" is distinguished by the craftsmanship of FRESH MEAT from local pigs with the addition of Calabrian chilli. Raw materials of the highest quality handmade and stuffed into natural casings.

The naturalness of the ingredients used in the various stages of processing, the artisanal production, the full respect of the traditional canons of typical Calabrian cuisine distinguish our line of cured meats in an unequivocal and unique way.

The processing takes place on the slopes of Monte Cocuzzo in the province of Cosenza at over 900 m above sea level in an ideal geographical position also thanks to a dry and well-ventilated climate that allows our cured meats to restore the characteristic aroma and a delicate flavor that is refined with the seasoning that takes place in a natural way.

The cured meats of the high quality "La Calabrese" line are without preservatives, dyes and gluten-free.

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