The products purchased can be paid by secure payment system:


PayPal is the safest way to pay online. With Paypal you can choose to pay with your credit card, debit card or with the funds available in your PayPal account. With this payment instrument you can make purchases without disclosing your financial information. In fact, your financial information remains secure in the Paypal server without that nothing is communicated to us. We receive the payment of the amount due to our PayPal account. A few clicks to securely pay. During the purchase process by choosing to pay with Paypal come transferred to the secure PayPal page. If you have a Paypal account simply enter email and password to proceed with the payment; if you do not have a PayPal account, once transferred to the secure Paypal page, you can pay by credit card or prepaid card by following the payment process. Once the payment you will receive a confirmation email of happened payment in the e-mail address you entered during checkout.


The cash payment provides for the payment in cash directly to the carrier. The service has an extra rate stated next to the type of payment order in education (usually Euro 3,50 + VAT) for orders up to 500 Euros, for orders is applied to the cost basis of a variable percentage of 2% . The courier is authorized to accept only cash.

This method of payment is accepted only for the 'ITALY