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Dried porcini mushrooms 50 Gr

Dried porcini mushrooms 50 Gr




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Porcini mushrooms, so tasty and delicious, are often the main ingredient in risottos and meat-based second courses. The scent emitted by a fresh porcino is intoxicating, difficult to confuse. In order to always have all the flavor of porcini mushrooms available, why not try the dry ones? Very easy to prepare and tasty, they can be the perfect alternative to fresh mushrooms. Let's go then to discover together how to cook dried porcini mushrooms.

In order to use our dried porcini mushrooms in the kitchen it is necessary, first of all, to proceed with their rehydration. To soak the dried mushrooms, we can proceed using a pot of water to which a small amount of lemon has been added. Once placed on the fire, it will be enough to wait for the boiling point to be reached. At this point it will be sufficient to soak the mushrooms in the hot water, leaving them to soak for just over a couple of minutes. With this operation the original hydration of the fungus will be restored, as will both weight and size.

Another system widely used to restore the natural consistency of porcini mushrooms is to immerse them in water at room temperature. So let them soak for about twenty minutes. After the soaking time, let's drain the mushrooms and rinse them gently under running water. Finally, squeeze them slightly. At this point our dried porcini mushrooms are ready to be enjoyed in a delicious risotto, in a delicious fettuccine sauce, as a side dish for roasting or as a filling for a savory pie. To give our recipes even more flavor, let's reuse the water used to soak the mushrooms. Obviously it will be advisable to filter it in a narrow mesh colander in which we will place gauze. In this way we will eliminate any pebbles or earth residues.

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Dried porcini mushrooms 50 Gr

Dried porcini mushrooms 50 Gr

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